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Mora Wealth Management is a boutique wealth management firm with over 30 years experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. With offices in Zurich, Andorra, Florida and Monte Video, the team provides tailored solutions from an independent perspective. They offer expertise in portfolio management, estate planning, taxes and insurance evaluation.

Our goal was to differentiate their business approach from that of their competitors. Make them stand out. This involved accentuating the full range of their financial services in very concise way. Part of their company’s value proposition are tailored services they provide, and their availability to going over and beyond their client needs. The user flow had to inspire confidence and promote clear calls to action. With the content and layout in place, we set about crafting the site's emotional appeal. Prospective clients visit the site with a specific vision of their financial future in mind, so our design had to cater to the mindset. Professional staff photos of satisfied employees and clients, along with bold icons, added vibrancy to the text. The re-worked visual branding provides the right mix of lifestyle appeal and corporate tone. The WordPress format of the site has provided the team at Mora Wealth Management with a newly responsive content management system; a website optimized for increased conversions. Valuable backend dashboard tools and matching marketing prospectus-material.   Before: Youtube video After: Youtube video