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VIEW ONLINE is a Swiss-based start up that helps asset managers, analysts, brokers, investor relation managers, self-directed investors and journalists find the the most reliable and comprehensive overview about events and market conditions.

Strong website visuals speak volumes, however, it only works if it´s properly integrated inside a solid user experience. Sentifi wanted to launch a dynamic experience inside an already gray financial world. NMA formatted the content in a more natural way, allowing users to easily scroll through complicated layers of financial information. The advanced new home page welcomes visitors using strong engagement tools. NMA delivered a style that included included a distinctive orange visual branding. This combination of colors would allow the imagery to pop off the screen with added vibrancy. BRINGING IT ALL TOGETHER We built a slick, mobile-first responsive website that emphasizes Sentifi´s position in the FinTech digital space. Each section is clearly defined, and the user-journey has been mapped and refined extensively resulting in a user-friendly and beautiful website that stands with them, head and shoulders above the competition. was 2016´s FinTech company of the year in Switzerland. fintech-award