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New Media Agency | Los Angeles

New Media Agency | We offer Rapid ADA Accessibility Compliance Audits & Repairs - Contact: 310 869 5488

New Media


Our startup services range from discussing a business idea, developing financial models and business plans to full development.
We offer lectures on Entrepreneurship to universities and advise governmental organizations on Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development projects.
Our client base comprises of businesses from the US, Europe, West Africa, and East Asia.


In-House project development allows us to use our own developers (in-house team) to develop projects we feel passionate about. Some of these projects begin as a labor of love, and idea we feel lacks in the world.

This approach requires that the company possesses a group of or team of programmers, business analysts etc. that work closely together within the company with a common goal.
Our team has the experienced and business processes requirements to make these projects at a lower cost.
This approach allows you to have complete control over the functionality.

We believe in the power of new ideas.

What we´re brewing.


Sommelier & Company is a portal designed to bring people to the true world of wine, liquor, and craft beer. We remove the obstacles standing between users and the sommelier experiences they want. Using quality-curated profiles, geocentric application, and an easy booking experience, we create the ease people want surrounding the wine world; while taking away the stuffy exclusivity. Customers gain unique insights into the sommelier world, and are given the opportunity to learn about the heart and soul of the drinks themselves.

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Class Wiki offers simple digital boards for both curriculum and class discussions. It's a mobile-forward program which is intuitive to the modern learner; unlike the current classroom, which hasn't changed much for centuries.

Using digital curriculum reduces our impact to the planet and literally takes a load off of the backs of students; as class books can easily be digitized to our servers. Educators can then make these boards private for a secure personal approach to the material, or set them to public and connect to classrooms around the world.

Educators enjoy the knowledge that their students are truly learning, while students enjoy engaging their classes in a familiar way. With the shifting scope of education, why haven't you made the switch to digital yet?

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Discover, share and talk about local events that matters to you.​ MyTown is an all-in-can-one magazines calendar that keeps local city residents informed, entertained and inspired every day. MyTown connects locals and visitors to citywide events such as concerts, sport events, exhibits and more.

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