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The Global Assets´ team is a high level and experienced real estate group.  They connect Chinese buyers to international realty.  The business success is built on a consultative, client focused approach which strips away the inefficiencies present in some areas of the industry. Naturally, it was our desire to build a website that reflected these qualities.

Two main challenges in building this particular commercial real estate website.
1) It needed to engage mainland Chinese clients, whom for the most part is still using outdated browsers and not entirely comfortable with a more modern navigation.
2) Make a responsive design overcome certain bandwidth limitations.

Feature-rich property listings and advanced search filters to let your users easily search your portfolio while helping you gain more visibility on Google and other search engines.

Rebrand and Design

We designed the site that addressed the goals defined in the planning phase of the project.  By creating an exciting new look and feel for the website we addressed the brand trust issues that the previous site was experiencing, elevating its brand to a more sophisticated, and professional level. The rebranding was a critical component of the project, and we spent more time in the creative phase of the project to make sure we got exactly the look we were going for.

Usability factors. Messaging is fulfilled in clearer home page and market page engagements. Usability is much improved through relational aspects of the new design, users can access the same information in a multitude of ways. This means that users can use the site in a more intuitive manner.



The website was all about building trust for visitors to the website.

To achieve this we focussed on demonstrating their processes,  people and their history.

The use of case studies provided insight into the type of projects and designs approach.

The website showcases an experienced and reliable operator using a high level responsive design optimized for all desktop and mobile devices.