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Studio Jantzen creates innovative and environmentally responsive architecture that synergizes ecology with uncompromising design ethics. The work done at Studio Jantzen is driven by the interplay of climate, technology, culture, and beauty that celebrates place and unique architectural identity. In over 20 years of practice, Christof Jantzen has created an exceptional body of work, representing a wide diversity of scale and type. Focusing on the specific characteristics of his projects, he communicates the essence of each project individually that help to create an authentic architecture while integrating both sustainability and progressive technology.

While the studio site uses a simple layout itself, delivering it elegantly and effectively is not. Where we see most firms fall down is by treating each of these three aspects of the site as silos. Each area is only really accessible through the primary navigation, and is effectively left with its own isolated, navigational structure. Essentially, the site is using “brute force navigation” — it’s forcing the user back to the primary navigation to move between sections and explore: What the site needs to be doing is intersecting these three sections dynamically.

It should be using “user-driven navigation” that lets users explore from one section to another based on what they’re reading and what interests them. This takes a more sophisticated web platform and more time and cost to develop. It requires an effective prototyping process to plan the site and the technology that But, the result is an experience that allows a user to follow a thread based on what they find most interesting. I can start reading an article and follow a thread based on the topic of it, the person who wrote it or something else entirely. The site uses technology to deliver a more compelling user experience.




The studios has been publishing an array of useful thought leadership for over 3 years. From any single post, it’s very easy to navigate to other topical articles, to find more posts by that individual author, and to learn more about the architect who wrote it. In addition to being well-written and giving you a real sense of the studio´s culture and personality, a Populous bio connects a client with projects that architect has been a part of, recent blogs they’ve written, and any industry publications they’ve authored.




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The simplicity of the site starts directly on the homepage. As you scroll down the page, you can dive into any one of its market sectors to learn more about its expertise, or you can access its Perspective (via the Blog on the right) or its People (towards the bottom).