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SVSP is a financial association for issuers of structured products. SVSP maintains its multi-lingual members’ shared interests, by using its website as a pivotal foundation for the association.

SVSP came to us with recent growth and a need to update and improve the accessibility and functionality of their website to support a stronger digital strategy. They needed a mobile-friendly website that included communication tools for employees. We were able to restructure their content and provide a more intuitive navigation for two very different groups - Self Directed Investors and Institutional Investors - which includes product finders, a documentation decks, network backend, and a staff back end CMS.




SVSP had an established and recognizable logo – 3 of them, one for each language abbreviation – and a color palette that incorporated needed to remain. They wanted a friendly feel to their new site that would be more appealing to a larger self directed audience. NMA serves Swiss and international professionals, across every socioeconomic backgrounds. It was important that their website was designed to welcome anyone who might need structured product services. We proceeded with a design that incorporates softer typography,  clean icons, and simplified design. These combine with intuitive UX to make a site that is easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, which helps make their association tools easier to retain and understand.




The new SVSP association site bolsters their brand and digital strategy by making content more accessible, information more readily available, and getting quotes and updates a fully self-serve reality. The new association section puts Structured Products front-and-centre.