The art of BEING


04th November 2014


our DNA @de

In today’s business world I see people and companies trying hard to become someone or somewhat that they aren’t .  They set goals and targets based on what they would like to become: (more) successful, (more) recognized, (more) profitable, bigger, larger,’the best in class’.

We are occupied with living and applying other peoples strategies, theories, other peoples visions, tools, ideas.

We are not focusing on what or who we are. What’s the being of our company, what’s the being of our product or service? What’s the being of our brand.

People and companies that inspire me, seem less focused on becoming  and much more present in ‚now’ – they simply ‚are’.  They are active, they are present, they are moving, they are full of ideas, they are focused, they are living and acting and trying now –

When I meet entrepreneurs and their companies – I often see that over the years they became complacent,  they lost focus, they stopped innovating, they stopped moving. They are holding on to what once seem to work just fine.

The main question I would like to find the answer to when I meet up with these companies is: ‚What’s the being of your Company, Brand, Team, Product, Sor ervice.  What’s your DNA? who are you, what is your product or service really about?

It is ok to set goals and targets, – on the road to BEING you need to try different things.  But ensure that the goals and targets you are defining are your goals and targets – get inspired by others but make your own decisions.

My vision ist to help companies make use of their full potential, in being what they are very good at, in positioning what they are are good at via all thinkable channels.

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