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What is NMA

Next Generation Web Development and Marketing Strategies

New Media Agency is a client-focused team of professionals helping businesses thrive through high level web development and marketing strategies.

Driven By Results, Fueled by Success



We take pride in a long list of satisfied clients.  See behind the scenes to some of our greatest here.

We are inspired by pushing the envelope of what can be created; challenging ourselves to think deeper and pioneer the next level of possibilities for our clients. Let’s build something amazing together.

We create peace of mind.


The NMA team designs and builds software for small and medium companies, governments, educational institutions, and startups. These user friendly tools reduce friction and improve ease of access; putting you in the driver’s seat of your unique customer experience.

We Are the Next Generation of Digital Agency.


Strategy & User Experience

Organize your success. Our strategies are as unique as your needs. We build each project around one question:” How can we make you more successful?” We take the time needed to understand your objectives; aligning with them to best design and build your project.


Move people to action. We believe in user-centered, goal-oriented design. The best designs paint dreams and inspire reality; creating visually stunning, unique tools-and it all starts with design.

Prototyping + R&D

Dream up solutions. Our projects often answer a challenge, not simply a feature request. From the pen and paper stage to fleshing out interactive prototypes, we seek resolution- often creating full-fledged products.

Mobile & Devices

Put your message first. We believe in mobile — in delivering the message before the features. We design and build device-specific mobile phone applications, and specialize in bringing solid UI and engaging aesthetics to this ever changing landscape.


Successful projects rely on communication. Our process keeps you connected; assuring you that all development is done to your highest standard.


Multi Channel Advertising


Make them pay…attention. Engage your audience with Display, Mobile and Video campaigns. Build your relevance by making an impact on every channel.




A well-defined target market is the first step towards accomplishing your goals.

Behevioral Targeting

Hone in on your ideal audience. Target audience by demographic, purchasing history, and specific interests.

Contextual Targeting

Become the relevant voice in your field. Target by Channels, Categories, URLs and Keywords.

Geo Targeting

Be the big fish in any pond. Target by country, state, postal codes, and city.

Device & Carrier Targeting

Reduce friction on your customer’s journey. Target by model, device family, mobile operator and browser.


Build trust and brand presence; engage previous visitors to your site.

Social Media


Social is a behavior, not just a channel. People have an inherent need to share and socialize.

While many businesses create digital experiences that are brand-focused; attention is customer focused. Create the most attention by tapping into natural social behavior.

Don’t stay on top of trends-start them. Disruptive creative content invites the customer on a journey; creating an organic cross-channel experience. Uniting search, social, and email – you are in control of that journey.







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Brand Safety

Secure your goals. DoubleClick Verification ensures that your brand and budget are protected.

Reporting & Optimization

Fine tune your results. Continuously optimize the performance of your campaigns using insights gained from our reporting technology.

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