Grace Winery


Grace Winery





  • Improve overall site aesthetic and user experience in order to create a more engaging experience
  • Create a highly usable website with easy social sharing options and clear conversion points
  • Develop a more search engine friendly and socially-focussed blog in order to drive user engagement and organic searches.
  • Introduce limited and custom eCommerce website options for specific products.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS and WooCommerce for cart functionality
Grace Winery came to us as an established Winery with a loyal customer following. They were looking to Merge their winery and hospitality businesses into one. Additionally, they wanted to add a dynamic eShop presence that made their products more accessible. We worked diligently with Grace Winery to create a strong eCommerce experience for their customers, so they could easy browse, reserve, or purchase any ofGrace Winery events and products online. We designed a user-centric experience that highlighted their extensive history, events and other resources. Together we crafted a highly visual and easy to navigate experience to welcome visitors, online or in person.

Grace Winery had a strong vision and we wanted to brand a fully responsive experience that represented all their values while providing their audience with a user-centric experience that in-turn would help Grace convert better. During this process, we completely rebuilt their user experience and provided them with a lot of flexibility around fonts and imagery so they could change up the look and feel as the seasons changed and adapt it to what their audience needed. Grace Winery´s new fully-integrated CMS (content management system)  website lets their audience easily navigate all through a beautifully designed and intelligent website that allows them to explore all new components of the website from the shop, bed and breakfast, events, and blog pages.