Viterbo-ID is a top rated Singapore-based interior design firm. The company provides high end commercial, corporate, retail and residential design projects around the world.

You need to make a statement with your portfolio of work. Nobody appreciates this more than Viterbo Interior Design. Our job was to present a wide array of projects in bold and beautiful fashion. The new site was designed to engage visitors with abundant images and inspiration, not an abundance of navigation. Conversions would ultimately be measured via the added contact forms for requesting quotes, project samples, or the company’s newsletter. With the majority of their business coming from the Asia, Chinese visitors would require a transparent method for getting in touch with the company. We initiated our prototyping with all of these considerations in mind. When your clientele is comprised of large corporations and hi net worth clients,  your website demands a solid visual execution. With a typeface logo and a wealth of images to work with, we strived to keep the focus directly on the interior design work. Generous padding, white space and Didot fonts all contributed to the open and airy feel that served to make the photographs more impactful.