01st July 2011


technology, trends

Google is ready to launch a brand new social networking platform named Google PLUS” The main aim for this project is to competite with Facebook. No to make it WAY better. I’m really excited since Google does everything really well.

Ok so I know Google kinda failed with Orkut as Facebook replaced it. Oh there’s Buzz too…and then Wave..but darn it I know the 4th time is the charm..besides all these past applications were insanely awesome compared to FB’s technology, it was just that they never got people to make the switch. This time my instinct tell me this will be a huge success.

Google+ will have a tough battle mustering people from FB Facebook. Facebook has such a big lead in it’s market. Specially since Google and Facebook are good at different things. You can do alot of things on Facebook because its older and the industry standard in Social media, but Google+ has just started so you have to give it a lil bit of time to compare.


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