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Mobile solidified its position as a technology that caused chaos for businesses around the world. Mobile allows the consumers to be informed and stay up-to-date about all aspects surrounding its daily life. It is estimated that over 20% of consumers in the US use their mobile devices to this end. It´s predicted that by the end of this year, over 40% of the total global population will own some form of a smartphone device.

Trends are showing that businesses and Developers are focusing less on actual native Apps and turn their attention to brand experiences. This transition towards becoming more aware of a business in its digital sense will lead business owners to depend on rapid data services and internal systems of engagement.

As a result, Mobile has ignited a technology race: Mobile startups and business leaders are fuelling competition by finding exciting and innovative ways to enhance mobile moments amongst consumers and retain a stable client base. Mobile is therefore leading a large number of new initiatives on the digital front.


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Mobile related technologies offer a wide range of opportunities that are changing cost structures and reduce the number of barriers to entry amongst industries. This will inevitably invite greater “cross pollination” between companies. Depletion of some industries may occur while emergence of new ones as well. Mobile will greatly reduce the need for physical infrastructure and personnel. Furthermore, mobile offers data in real-time that is geo-based allowing for more reliable information in order to set rates, promotions, campaigns etc..

Entrepreneurs should evaluate how much need there is for real-time offerings among consumers, as well as a need for flash sales and even in-app purchases. Finding the right programming language is very important, as the industry needs to find a common balance between Apple iOS and Google Android, both who dominate the operating systems on our smartphones.

Emerging countries prefer to purchase mobile phones rather than an actual PC or home internet connection. In some countries like Brazil, smartphone adoption surpasses more than half of those in desktops/laptops. In metropolitan areas like in China thats even higher. Businesses should pay close attention to the mobile market in emerging economies.

Consumers are spending more time on their browsers and perhaps using less native apps due to mobile app fatigue. COmpanies should develop more simplistic and integrated mobile experiences across all screen sizes and devices. For example, allows consumers to book a ride in its app but also directly through Google Maps. App integration on existing platforms are be essential.

Micro moments are also on the rise. Defined as a mobile-moments that deliver information to the consumer in a short amount of time, information that allows said consumer to act immediately.

Content Creators and businesses are beginning to form close ties. These partnerships – like for instance, build new communities and brand awarness.

MObile advertising will rise and will reach 85 billion dollars in the next 3 years. As consumers opt for 4G (or 5G) services and larger devices, mobiles are becoming a very powerful advertising tools – Hence, desktop ads that have to be squeezed on to a small mobile screen will soon cease to exist completely. Businesses should prioritize the creation of mobile-first design layouts and create ads that fit mobile screen sizes. Marketers should check how their ads are displayed on mobiles, and also define performance beyond clicks. Video is king when it comes to mobile penetration, however carries are still blocking autoplaying to reduce broadband over usage.

Businesses should prepare themselves for the upcoming Mobile Wallet Era and start launching marketing campaigns. Developers should also start designing relevant offerings based on location and other things like contextual triggers, using multiple channels such as social media and e-mail to largely distribute content for wallets. These wallets are steadily constituting a third-party platform that will be used to engage consumers. Wallets successfully address micro moments that serve the greater interests of the consumer. Here too you can expect a new industry to arise and another to collapse. Finance.

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