Vintage Bazaar


Vintage Bazaar






Vintage Bazaar is a women’s European retail store with a variety of beautiful curated goods including everything from clothing to home decor, jewelry and books. What makes Vintage Bazaar unique is its regular addition of goods that are tastefully curated and perfectly marketed.

Vintage Bazaar has found a balanced way to showcase their products among social posts highlighting their shoppers’ lifestyles on their Instagram/Facebook accounts. By regularly posting Look Books pictures throughout each day, Vintage Bazaar is providing its followers with inspirational content often without risking overwhelming them. NMA´s primary goal was to rebuild the company´s online presence around its already successful weekly product Look book showcase. The variety of products and proper framing, allowed clients to capture the look they needed and rapidly filter and refine and purchase items in 3 clicks. Responsive Web Design Improved their organic SEO search results and boost overall conversion, as well as greater device accessibility.