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Progress is one of the most important aspects of any industry. No matter what industry it is. In the age of mobile technology, If you aren’t harnessing the power of progressive web apps, you may already be behind.

What is a Progressive Web App?

new media agencySimply put, a progressive web app is a website built using web technologies that has the easy user experience of an app. Things like service workers, push API, and browsers themselves now allow web developers to create apps designed for the home screen. These allow push notifications, and incorporate the ability to work from the app while offline. Progressive web apps let developers create sites in less time, and with no version fragmentation thanks to the no-maintenance API.


What Makes it Progressive?

With a standard mobile app, the steps between getting the app and using the app are usually its downfall. From searching on the app store, downloading the app, installing it, creating an account, verifying that account via email or phone, and then using it – many customers lose interest. Web apps give the customer that instant gratification they seek by eliminating every stage between them and using the app.

A progressive web app is also an integrative experience. It will work on any device, no matter the version of software. The experience will automatically progress based on the user’s device capabilities.

The app shell model progressive web apps are made on creates a minimum refresh page as well. Once the site is loaded, everything is there. It also opens up the realm of offline availability, if that is important for your company.

Because it is technically a website, a progressive web app also shares some benefits that native apps lack. Progressive web apps are easily discovered by search engines, and can be linked to easily; allowing for shares, bookmarks, and hyperlinks to work properly.

Progressive web apps should be seen as an integral piece of an entire strategy. It is not that they replace native apps entirely, because the numbers aren’t there yet. They do, however, make the customer journey – from the mobile app to the desktop to the every browser available – as seamless as possible.
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Why you Need a Progressive Web App

The question then arises – why should you care about progressive web apps? To answer that, ask yourself these questions:

>  How are your customers interacting with you most?

> What actions are they taking?

> Could they be influenced to using your service more by push notifications or ease of access?

> Can you provide greater value to them by offering an offline function?

Progressive web apps provide an immersive user experience that is reliable, fast, and easily accessible to both developers and customers. This leads to increased engagement and improved conversions; which we all love, don’t we?

The reality is that the mobile experience will only increase; meaning progressive web apps are already a requirement of a seamless user experience. Learn more about how to use a progressive app to expand your business with We understand how important it is to actively create the future.




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