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A great man once said – “To improve is to change, so to be perfect, we must change often.”

You have three seconds. That’s all. It may seem unfair, but it is true: you have just under three seconds to impress your readers enough to keep them on your page. So how will you let your readers spend that time? Loading your page? Deciphering your layout? Or delivering the eyecandy and knowledge they crave? Obvious answer, right?

NMA crafts stunning digital products and useful marketing techniques that drive that first impression to expand your business. We are not another digital agency. We are the digital agency of the next generation.

Digital Development for a New Age

In business, you are what your customer thinks you are; and first impressions either draw in or disgust your audience. Online, that first impression is your website design, the content on it, and your marketing campaigns and ad strategies. Master these, and you are driving the customer’s journey toward the future you want to create.

Designing the Future

At NMA, we help you design that future. While image is not everything-it’s pretty close. In fact, one study found 94 percent of people cited a websites design as a reason not to trust the site.

Specific issues named were:

○ Cluttered layouts

○ Navigational problems

○ Slow loading times

○ Boring design

○ Poor search functions

If you aren’t certain your company is delivering on these stats-you can be certain your competitors are. NMA is dedicated to the future of the market; an easily accessible, visually stunning future. We work towards that end by teaming with clients who share our vision. Through forward thinking research and development, sound and simple website design and a complete mobile experience, we are excited to create value for our clients every day.

Marketing for Reality

On paper, marketing isn’t difficult. Show value to your potential customers, and they will choose your services, right? In reality, things are a bit different. Your market is saturated, customers don’t care, and it is easy to be seen as “just another (fill in the blank) website”.

This is why we market for reality. We know what it takes to make an impact in your customer’s.


Just as important as what to say, you need to know who to say it to. We use behavioral and contextual targeting to hone in on your audience’s behaviors, so we can better direct your campaign towards them. Tools like geo-targeting, device and carrier targeting, and retargeting allow us to take it a step further. The result is a personalized experience that builds trust and creates character while increasing curiosity and brand awareness.

Social Presence

In the slight chance you were unaware of it, 97 percent of your market is on social media. If your social media presence can’t compete with your customer’s friends and neighbors- it doesn’t exist. In the age of the informed and hyper-saturated consumer, breaking out of the mold with disruptive advertising is the only way to gain relevance. Knowing how and when to engage your market is the key to social success.

Working directly with you, we create winning strategies for every channel to invite your customer on a journey- a journey that can only be completed by teaming up with you.

Embrace Tomorrow

At NMA, we have this wild notion that passionate people and new ideas are what change the direction of business. Rather than depending on old stories for the answers to new questions, we invite you to explore your own answers. We learn from experience, of course, but we are not inundated by it! We don’t have to reinvent the wheel here. Take the tried and true methods and adapt new ways to implement them. Because we would much rather create history than repeat it. Sounds like you, too? Well then. Let’s embrace tomorrow together, shall we.


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