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Since the world is turning digital, I thought it would be interesting to write about the nuances between a Digital Agency vs  Traditional Agency.

Successful Digital agencies have used the popularity of the social media to their advantage. They are known for their desire to share ideas to advance their product by presenting new concepts and then work to perfect them. These agencies feel they have the “know how” to call themselves the innovative pioneers of the web. On the opposite side, are the traditional Ad agencies that hire consultants to come up with ideas methodically and thus present a slower and less sophisticated attempt to shine within the world of digital technology. They have substantial budgets that enable them to take time to plan their strategies. But, some ask if that is sensible business practice. Those lavish offices and enormous staffs have dwindled a lot in the last few years.


Traditional Agencies are anchored down by their experiences which spans many years. Most agree that it is difficult for a large, slow-moving organization, with time to ponder, set-up and execute, to compete against a smaller, technically endowed organization that’s a master of cyberspace and understands the flexibility of the social network.  Kinda like a  large cruise ship. One agency has the leisurely time to maneuver slowly whereas digital agencies, small speed boats, rely on speed and faster output. Costs are less in the digital world attributable to their smaller overhead. They can avoid icebergs rapidly.

Large commercial accounts feel lost in the digital world and resort to traditional agencies to keep them updated. In turn, the agencies outsource Digital work outside of their office because the Digital world is so vast and changes so quickly.

Most experts within the field agree that a workplace that cannot prove that its concepts will work well online, is an agency whose days are numbered!

Ad agencies refuse to bridge the creative process within the digital world.  This will force the culture in these agencies to change.

Despite what beliefs these agencies hold, the creation of communications that capture the imagination of our digital-dependent society is clearly the way to the future.





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