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Google will now push HTML5 to develop its web applications. Not sure if you’ve seen the new upload-file on your gmail account? The new html type feature makes it easy to instantly drag and drop files from your desktop to your email body. Its awesome stuff and standard on gmail for anyone using Chrome or Firefox. A lot of Google’s new HTML5 features can be seen on Buzz and other apps.

Normally you would find these cool new features on the Google’s Labs area ( This is evidence that Google and Apple have pressed full throttle to implementing HTML5 technology across the board leaving Flash a bit stranded. The recent presentation of the new iPad clearly underlines this “battle”.
So do we need Flash’s proprietary plugins? Are we not better using open source standards? (Not that Apple offers any “open source” technology mind you — which is kinda ironical.) Wasn’t Flash around when Michael Jackson’s Thriller premiered? Isn’t flash what powers almost everything on the web from beloved to Where are all the neat swooshing pages and cool animated intros going to go? Talk about a massive redesign job worldwide..I have a feeling Adobe will suddenly become opensource or merge with a giant in need like Internet Explorer.

But I guess people don’t care as long as it packaged nicely. Hey, cloud Computing and Web 2.0 are words that people know nothing about for the most part…yet it affects every single part of their daily lives. By the way, if you do not know what exactly HTML5, do not worry. We’re all trying to figure it out as well.
In case you want to see some of HTML5’s power check this Google experiment
.(let your browser loose!)

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