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Facebook and Google are slugging it out to see who will own Skype. Skype has completely revolutionized communication in the last few years and over a quarter are its users pay a monthly subscription.  Facebook looks likely to be a more aggressive bet than Google. Talks are still very recent, but a deal could include an outright takeover.  Experts are betting  on Facebook being the buyer since Skype completes Facebook by providing technology it does not have.  It’s a much more valuable asset for Facebook than to Google. Besides, Google already has great voice chat and video capabilities, but buying Skype could get some social-media credibility after it lost out in an attempt to launch Buzz.  Communication is core to what Facebook users do. eBay bought Skype for $3 billion about four years ago then sold it again to a private group. I’m not sure wy they even bought it in the first place, but I think they expected ebay buyers/sellers use it more actively.


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