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Have you noticed how a train station is sometimes a place where time can stand still. A place where people from all walks of life — if even for a moment — stand in a vacuum? No person is moving at a faster or slower speed than the next, and the whole experience feels like momentary inertia until you´re ready to embark again.


In many ways, NMC is like that train station. We are privileged to be part of the process that guides you to your destination. It is here that you can decide to change the direction of your business and choose a track that will lead you to larger markets, lower operating costs and hopefully an even better brand value for your company. This isn’t about who you currently are. It’s about who you want to become.


There´s never been a time quite like this one ever before. Cultures, currencies and ideas are exchanged at the flick of a switch and it’s always a good idea to switch gears and rethink your business strategy. It is something that your customers expect if you still want to be relevant tomorrow.
Every connected company on the planet is in the process of addressing this change. Taking your company in a new direction will suddenly provide a crystal-clear image regarding features you really wish to keep, as opposed to those that are hindering your potential. For instance, adapting your company to suit mobile devices will inevitably lead to unnecessary products or services being discarded in order to provide a greater user experience on mobiles. This interface change will undoubtedly have downstream consequences on companies on a variety of levels.


It really doesn’t matter if you’re on a bus, train or even on the space station. What matters is that you realize that you´re not at this cross point to merely give your company a small tweak or a cosmetic redesign in order to “stay current”. Seize this opportunity to make a significant change, change that any connected company on the planet – including your competition – is addressing, change that should happen sooner than later.
The longer you wait the further away you are from that station.


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