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We have all learnt about the war between Adobe Flash and Apple “sponsored” HTML5. Despite many people saying html5 is the end of Flash as we know it, Adobe is still one of the most ingenious tech companies on the planet. They have just released an interesting software called Wallaby (like the small kangaroo that lives in Australia). The main idea behind this software project is creating a tool for converting Adobe Flash Professional CS5 files (.FLA) to HTML5. Pretty impressive, don’t you think so? Could put them back on the top of the mountain real quick. Plus making it one of the most lucrative software tools in history. (imagine converting a quarter of the internet). This is an Adobe AIR application that has a simple user interface and can be easily installed to your computer. The typical output from Wallaby has 3 files containing HTML, CSS and JavaScript and SVG asset. If they make everything right there will no longer be any questions about the death of Flash because of HTML5, users will just have a simple converter that will enable them to easily get the HTML5 version of their Flash content, and there you have it – Flash is no longer that bad.

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